Wednesday, 1 March 2017

The Natyanjali hospitality is warm but has to take cuts now

Hospitality has come to be a part of the Natyanjali circuit. A decade ago, when we parked ourselves in Chidambaram, we we treated to breakfast, lunch and dinner at a marriage hall. For free.

There was a small team of cooks who worked 5 am to 8 pm here and served the best traditional food of this zone. Idlis and gostu was a favourite.

Many other Natyanjali organizers followed suit. But the bills have zoomed; and when parents and relatives and policemen and drivers pile on at the dining table you can imagine the BP rate of the host's treasurer!

So the cuts have taken place. Some hosts pay a small sum per artiste for 'tiffin'; some hand food packs and some restrict the guests.

A volunteer at Sri Brihadeeswarar Temple treated us to sundal and ginger tea; which is given to all artistes and gurus after the recital. Great snack that made our evening.

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